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Color Grading for Indie Filmmakers

How Color Grading Elevates Your Project

If you think color is just about twisting knobs and pushing buttons.... you're right. But those knobs are for the important purpose of making an image that effectively tells the story. Here's some details about what I do.

Correction & Matching

Footage came out looking greenish? Shot scenes on different days, camera, or lighting conditions? This includes taking a LOG format image and apply transformations to make it look "correct".

Color Grading

Grading is the creative process of applying a look to footage. This is the creative storytelling part of the color process: making sure that the eye is drawn to the important parts of an image, and using color to help create an emotional experience for the audience. This can also include re-lighting, film emulation, VHS effect, and other looks.

Paint & Compositing Effects

Swap out a sky. Replace a phone or TV screen. Key out a green screen. Paint out a boom pole. Basic retouching to improve the image!



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Instagram Filter PowerGrades for Resolve

Want to apply Instagram Filters to your video projects?


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